Urban Views

Ultimately we need to recognize that while humans continue to build urban landscapes, we share these spaces with others species.

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St. John’s the Evangelist Church

Greece, New York
Bill Henson - Lux et Nox, 2002
An abandoned mall in Thailand has become home to hundreds of fish after it flooded. Locals introduced the talapia to eat mosquitoes which had been attracted by the stagnant water.
Koningskerk, Amsterdam, W. van der Kuilen/C. Trappenburg, 1955.
Parking lot in front of an empty Sushi place.
Another perspective on architecture by Gerard Riera

"Sometimes I try to imagine what everyday people think when they see a group of skaters tripping out in front of some architectural form, be it a bank with a weird shape, a curved ledge – or anything out of the norm."
Skyscrapers by Romain Trystram
De Meerpaal, Dronten, Flevoland, The Netherlands (c. 1967)

Designed by Frank van Klingeren, it was the first manifestation of the architect’s ‘agora’ concept which sought to create a multi-purpose space for sports, markets, entertainment and community centre.
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Andreas Feininger, Lower East Side, Harlem and Brooklyn Bridge, NY, 1940.

Andreas was the eldest son of Lyonel Feininger, American, born in Paris. He was educated as an architect at the bauhaus. Later he focused on photography, famous for his view on NY.
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