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NASA’s Aquarius Returns Global Maps of Soil Moisture

Scientists working with data from NASA’s Aquarius instrument have released worldwide maps of soil moisture, showing how the wetness of the land fluctuates with the seasons and weather phenomena… Aquarius was built to study the salt content of ocean surface waters.
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Richard Waller, Tabula Colorum, simple and mixed colors in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 1686-87
Those pretty images, that almost can be interpreted as small pieces of abstract expressionism artworks, are actually tissues of several mammals, specifically human (prostate, intestine and thyroid), mouse (brain, intestine and kidney), and sheep (bladder, lung and tongue); as seen through a fluorescence microsc
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A Guide to the Energy of the Earth

Energy moves in and out of Earth’s physical systems, and during any energy transfer between them, some energy is lost to the surroundings as heat, light, sound, vibration, or movement.

Our planet’s energy comes from internal and external sources.
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Leonardo da Vinci, from the notebook Codex Arundel, 1478-1518. Via © The British Library board

Leonardo undertook detailed studies on optics and the investigation of mirrors. Note that the drawings & notes on the right-hand page are entered upside down.
Sea Creature that looks exactly like a rock with guts.

Pyura chilensis is a creature that not only looks like a rock, but is also completely immobile like one too. It eats by sucking in water and filtering out micro-organisms. Its blood also produces a rare element called vanadium.
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WarkaWater is an inexpensive, easily-assembled structure that extracts fresh water from the air.
This artist’s concept shows the test vehicle for NASA’s Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD), designed to test landing technologies for future Mars missions. A balloon will lift the vehicle to high altitudes, where a rocket will take it even higher, to the top of the stratosphere, at several times the spee
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A vintage look inside the Earth from 1953’s World Geo-graphic Atlas, edited and designed by Herbert Bayer, published for Containter Corporation of America. Original caption reads: “Outer crust of sedimentary layers and solidified granites 30 miles dep. At 40 miles, maybe layer of basaltic glass.
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Entropy by Romain Trystram

Graphics done entirely in Photoshop.
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