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This is Foo-Chan, the Japanese equivalent of Grumpy Cat. But instead of being grumpy, he just looks like he’s disappointed all of the time.
Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) photographed in Crystal River, FL. The manatee or sea cow is listed by the World Conservation Union as vulnerable to extinction due to habitat destruction, illegal hunting and collisions with boats.
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Valerie Hegarty

Famous paintings come to life in 3D sculptures of nature’s destructive tendencies.
Hans Holbein, design for a metalwork book cover, 1537. Drawing. 8 x 6cm. England.

Small girdle books of this sort were attached to the belt by a ring and chain. The initials may be those of Thomas Wyatt the Younger, who was later executed for leading a rebellion in Kent during the reign of Queen Mary.
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John of Antwerp, girdle prayer book, 1540-45. England. British Museum.

This was considered fashionable for ladies of rank in the English court of Henry VIII between 1530-60.
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Kennicott Bible, 1476. Made at La Coruña, Spain. Bodleian Library, Oxford.

This Hebrew Bible owes its name to the Hebraist Benjamin Kennicott who acquired it while Librarian in Oxford. Made at Corunna in Spain.
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Pages from Adriaen Coenen’s Visboek (1577).
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